The KidsEmbrace brand was established in 2007 by experienced parents themselves. Being familiar with the difficulty an average car seat could cause to a child and having to endure the daily wrestle to even get their child to sit in it, never mind be still, they began their research and development of character car seats. Ones that would appeal to both children and parents visibly but still protect their child, should an accident occur.

The established team of industry engineering experts set about bringing the car seats to life, still all maintaining the usual important safety features that applied to other car seats on the market, but with a unique and desirable look. It was then, The Friendship Series was born – consisting of a number of heroic and recognisable famous television and comic characters that children are inspired by worldwide. Characters include: Batman, Spiderman, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle, Paw Patrol, Cinderella and SpongeBob Squarepants.

Built using robust, safety assured materials and complete with Side Impact Technology, KidsEmbrace car seats not only appeal to children because of the way in which they look, but they appeal to big kids too (parents) – because of the protection they provide to their child whilst on the roads.

Car seats had been transformed - and children's perceptions along with them. No longer a struggle to get children to sit in their car seats, now children are excited to be going on a journey with their friend, no matter how long the journey.

Our company is constantly developing other safety products that Make Safety Fun. Please visit our Facebook page often to be the first to view the next new phenomenon.